We'll strive to give you a great conference experience with a wide range of topics and interesting speakers. Go to each day for a detailed conference programme.

MONDAY 6th November

Reception and dinner - limited number of seats


TUESDAY 7th November

08.00 - 17.45

First conference day, joint and parallel sessions

Dinner in the evening for all participants at 19.00


WEDNESDAY 8th November

08.00 - 16.45

Second conference day, joint and parallel session





Ports and Port-Cities - Post 2030 is a trendspotting conference in Malmö, Sweden, November 6-8 2017.

A collaboration between The World Maritime University (WMU), Region Skåne, The City of Malmö, Lighthouse, Resilient Region Association, Swedish Maritime Technological Forum and Ports of Sweden.


Peter Askman, Maritime Affairs

Region Skåne, Sweden

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