Tuesday 7th Nov

15.30 - 16.00




16.00 - 17.45

JOINT SESSION - main conference hall



Port-cities today and post 2030



Story telling from the global arena

Presentations followed by Panel of speakers and questions from the audience

Photo: Port of Los Angeles




Key Drivers Shaping Future Ports


Speaker: Tom Boardley, Lloyds Register



The Evolvement of Ports in the light of automation, big data and digitalisation – creating new port functions & business opportunities.

Transformation of Port-cities – Smart Solutions for Urban Deltas


  • The example of the City of Malmö - TBA


  • The example of Rotterdam - TBA

How Circular Economy & Sustainable Production Affect Ports & Port-cities and how crossovers between Cities and Ports enhance the circular economy


- Carter Atkins, Port of LA

More speakers to be presented



Transformation of Ports



  • The example of Copenhagen-Malmö Port - TBA


The Paris Climate Change Agreement and its Impacts on Ports and Port-cities



Bill Hemmings - Director, Transport and Environment

Sotiris Raptis - EcoPorts Coordinator, The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO)

Tristan Smith - University College London

Carter Atkins - Port of Los Angeles


7th November

The conference will take place at Quality Hotel View in Malmö and will consist of both joint and parallel sessions. A wide range of experts will provide their views on the opportunities and challenges for ports, port-cities and their hinterlands. The preliminary programme is below.

TUESDAY 7th November


JOINT SESSIONS - main conference hall


08.00 - 09.00

Registration and coffee



Welcome Address from Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of the WMU




Opening remarks, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh Major of the City of Malmö


Keynote speakers


The Role of Port and Port-Cities for the Future. The International Association of Ports & Harbours


Speaker: IAPH


The evolvement of ports in light of automation, big data and digitisation creating new business opportunities.


Global Economic Outlook and Industry Trade Volume Forecast


Speaker: Peter Sand – Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO


Highlighting general trends of trade and cargo volume growth and its potential impact on the shipping and port industry.




Key Drivers Shaping Future Ports -

from a Liner Terminal Perspective


Speaker: APM Terminals




The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Here


Speaker: TBA


How Industry 4.0 and e-commerce will produce a macroeconomic shift and impact global supply chains.



Ports and Port Cities and Circular economy


Speaker: TBA


How Circular economy & Sustainable Production affect Ports and Port Cities and how crossovers between cities and ports enhance the circular economy






15.15 - 16.45

Presentations followed by moderator led discussions.

Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


An Intermodal Landscape in Transformation – The Regional Perspective

How a gradual transport shift from land to sea may occur and how key players may adapt.


Participants: Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway - Kongsberg Group - SEAGO

More participants may be presented.



Photo: Shutterstock

Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


The transformation of ports

Automation, Big Data and Digitalization; Sea Traffic Management


Participants: STM/Swedish Maritime Administration - CargoTech Kalmar


More participants to be presented.

Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


The transformation of port-cities

- The co-evolution of post 2030 ports and port-cities

- Crossovers between cities, societies and ports

- Exploring new ways of port-city planning


Participants: Peter V. Hall


More participants to be presented.




End of first day






Ports and Port-Cities - Post 2030 is a trendspotting conference in Malmö, Sweden, November 6-8 2017.

A collaboration between The World Maritime University (WMU), Region Skåne, The City of Malmö, Lighthouse, Resilient Region Association, Swedish Maritime Technological Forum and Ports of Sweden.


Peter Askman, Maritime Affairs

Region Skåne, Sweden

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