Wednesday 8th Nov


8th November

The second day of the conference will provide new perspectives and will consist of both joint and parallel sessions. The programme is currently under development.

WEDNESDAY 8th November


JOINT SESSION - main conference hall


08.00 - 09.00

Registration and coffee



Welcome Address - second day of conference


Global Marine Technology Trends


Speaker: Monohakobi Technology Institute, Tokyo


An update of the fundamental marine technology trends expected post 2030, and their industry-wide impact in several interconnected sectors, including Ports.




Speaker: Thomas Jensen, Maersk Line & Copenhagen Business School


The global supply trend research:

The transformation of supply chain management and its impacts on ports




The Work force & Skills for Ports Post 2030


Speakers: TBA


The Role of the Trade Unions in the Future Port Development


Speaker: Torben Seebold

Maritime Coordinator of ver.di

(United Services Union)



Speakers panel

Moderator: TBA









13.00 - 14.30

Second group of parallel workshop sessions

Presentations followed by moderator led discussions.

Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


Dealing with the climate factor post 2030

- The requirements of future ports for Green Ship of the Future (ports for zero emissions future)

- Trend-spotting on fuels for shipping post 2030 and

- How will future ports deal with new fuel for low carbon shipping?



Carter Atkins, Port of Los Angeles

Tristan Smith, University College London


More participants TBA


Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


Transformation of Ports and Port-cities - smart solutions for urban deltas


-The example of Copenhagen – Malmö Port/ City of Malmö

-The example of Hamburg


Participants: TBA


Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


Planning of large portz

A visionary description of large port-cities post 2030.


a) How collaboration between the port authorities, urban planners and the private sector can collaborate in port-city planning.

b) How joined urban and port planning can facilitate the future economy

c) Mega-ships: Impacts for port-cities?


Participants: TBA








15.00 - 16.30

Third group of parallel workshop sessions

Presentations followed by moderator led discussions.


Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


Ports and port-cities – Today and Tomorrow


a) The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities. How to increase the positive impacts of ports on their cities. Relationships, conflicts and synergies.

b) Planning small and medium sized port-cities with a post 2030 perspective.

c) Port-cities and the growing cruising sector

Participants: TBA


Location: TBA

Moderator: TBA


The Internet of Things and automated terminals

The next Generation Terminals and the next Generation Port Operators


Participants: TBA


JOINT SESSION - main conference hall


16.30 - 16.45

Final words and End of Conference



Ports and Port-Cities - Post 2030 is a trendspotting conference in Malmö, Sweden, November 6-8 2017.

A collaboration between The World Maritime University (WMU), Region Skåne, The City of Malmö, Lighthouse, Resilient Region Association, Swedish Maritime Technological Forum and Ports of Sweden.


Peter Askman, Maritime Affairs

Region Skåne, Sweden

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